2002/06/23 - Reflective Wall

2002/04/18 - FloatBot

2002/03/03 - Southwest Sunrise

2001/10/20 - Gumballs (Rigid Body Dynamics)

2001/10/03 - Contest: Rockem' Sockem'

2001/09/08 - The Cube Farm

2001/07/26 - The Shrine

2001/05/13 - The BeachHouse

2001/04/05 - Contest: Making Music

2001/02/22 - Circles

2000/11/02 - Contest: The Unseen

2000/05/10 - Window

2000/02/10 - Contest: Romantic Evening

2000/01/15 - Simple Creature

1999/12/30 - Contest: Silver Surfer

1999/09/10 - Contest: Partners in Crime

1999/08/15 - The Crossing


2002/09/28 - Displacement Map Footsteps

2002/05/05 - Writing with Sprites

2002/03/17 - Playing with Layers

2002/03/17 - Duplicator Wizard

2001/10/10 - Action Reuse/Centipede Along a Path

2000/09/13 - Displacement Mapping on a Garbage Can


2001/10/28 - Eyeballs!

2001/07/09 - Chessboard and Pieces

2001/07/09 - Dartboard and Darts

2001 - Wooden Maquette


2002/1/24 - Pull!

2001/12/23 - Mirror, Mirror

2000/08/01 - Danse Maquette


2002/09/28- New Tutorial
New Tutorial: Displacement Map Footsteps
2002/08/04- New Desktop Studios Logo and Layout
Just got tired of the old one. New logo and new color scheme. I think it looks cleaner and the dates make it clearer when things were done.
2002/08/03- Cube Farm Update
Mark Giambruno's book "3D Graphics and Animation" has been published. It includes The Cube Farm. Read more here.
2002/06/23- Still: Reflective Wall with Sphere
I was playing around in A:M today just trying to emulate an image I saw on the net. Just messing around. Here are the results.
2002/05/05- Tutorial: Writing with Sprites
Here's a new tutorial on using sprites to animate a character writing something. Take a look here.
2002/04/18- Still: Floatbot
Just playing around with a new model and a front projection map. See the result here.
2002/03/17- Tutorials: Layers and Duplicator Wizard
Two new tutorials on the left under Tutorials. One on Layers. The other on the Duplicator Wizard.
2002/03/03- Still: Southwest Sunrise
A new still. A simple Grecian-style urn painted in a Southwest motif. Basically an experiment in lighting and decaling. See it here.
2002/01/24- New Animation: Pull!
I've completed an entire animation in one month, concept to delivery. My head hurts. Look to the left under Animations and select Pull to get to that page.
1/3/02- The CubeFarm in 3DWorld Magazine!
The Cube Farm made 3DWorld Magazine. Read more about it here.
12/23/01- Model/Animation: Mirror Mirror
A new short animation on the left. It's called Mirror Mirror and attempts to emulate the Magic Mirror transformation from reflective to face in the mirror seen in Snow White. Click on Mirror Mirror on the left or here.


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