It's Alive!!- 08/01/00

After six weeks from start to finish, I'm ready to put my first animation out for viewing and review. Any feedback (positive or negative) is sincerely appreciated. After six weeks I still know there are things wrong with it, but I have to let it go and do other things.

If you do have feedback, please let me know here.


(Note: You may need to right-click on the link below to save a local copy)

Danse Maquette: 320x240 Quicktime, Sorenson Compression (7M)

Some information about the animation

Size: 640x480 is 28.2M, 320x240 is 7M.
Where can I get it?: See Downloads above
Animation Length: 1:50 (that's one minute, fifty seconds, thank you very much)
How long did it really take?: The first rotos of my own maquette were taken on June 17, 2000. So, that's roughly six weeks of evening and the occasional weekend day. The longest I went without touching it was three of four days. The longest I worked on it was eight hours in a stretch.
Storage Used: 4.32G (Holy Smokes I hadn't realized it had gone that far. Thanks goodness for large HDs!
Average Render Time per Frame: 40secs at 640x480 - each frame is a 900k Targa file
Animation Software Used: Animation: Master 2000
Software used to put it all together: Adobe Premiere 5.1

Just a couple small thumbnails from the full animation

Not an animation frame but my model. His arm
fell off by the end of the animation. Poor maquette...

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