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Make: Robots!

One of my goals for a while now has been to be able to take something from idea all the way through to creating a tangible, physical object using something like Blender for visualization/modeling and 3d printing the results and then painting. My initial idea was either a robot or […]

Make: RPG NPC Generator – Collaboration

This is a fun project because I got to build something with a collaborator and that collaborator is my daughter, Laurel Mossor! Laurel is completing her Master’s degree in Social Work (“with a concentration in practice and leadership with communities and organizations”!!) from Portland State University. She’s also has played […]

Make: Nerf Pistol Repaint

A few months ago I came upon a group of folks on the Internet who enjoyed painting Nerf pistols to make them more realistic or interesting. There is also a whole subset who are focused on increasing the power and just basically improving their performance, but this is just about […]

Random Colors of the Day

Find some inspiration to brighten your colorspace! The three options below are based on trying to assign names to colors as they are represented on a computer screen, typically via a hex value like this: "#546789". Each pair represents the strength of the Red, Green and Blue value. Back in the day, the X11 Consortium declared that colors would be stored in a file called "rgb.txt" and many had names associated with them. Additionally, I found a list of colors and names based on Resene colors. The third one is what happens if you pick a random value and call it a random name. Very useful and highly scientific.



From the classic X11 file rgb.txt



From the classic X11 file rgb.txt

Buttercup squash


From the classic X11 file rgb.txt


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