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This page was created over a couple years during my favorite job in my career. It was fun and creative and a great place to work. I had more fun doing some of these silly things than I can adequately communicate. Hopefully you find some portion of it interesting or fun or just plain a fun waste of time.

Back Again He's Baaaaaack (again) - [Sept 13, 1999]
RainerTrip Rainer's Emails from Europe - [Oct 14, 1998]
PaperDoll Rainer Paper Dolls - [Sept 21, 1998]
SandCity Sand in the City '98 - [July 13, 1998] Click here to see some pictures from the Sand in the City event.
DAC98 DAC '98 Report - [June 20, 1998] Click here for one person's view of DAC '98.
55WordsBOF 55 Words or Less BOF - [May 4, 1998] Click here to see the prose talents revealed in May 1st BOF
Art Art Gallery - [September 7, 1997] Click here to see proof that I have no artistic talent
Revisionist A Revisionist Historian's View on DAC'97 - [June 12, 1997] Click here to find out what DAC was really like!
DAC Scandal DAC Scandal! - [June 11, 1997] Click here to find out about the late breaking PentiumGate at '97 DAC!

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