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Johna (Female)

  • Neuroticism [4] : Not easily annoyed.
  • Agreeableness [1] : Indifferent to the feelings of others, takes advantage of others, seeks conflict.
  • Conscientiousness [4] : Leaves belongings around.
  • Extraversion [9] : Laughs a lot, can talk other into doing thing.
  • Openness [8] : Formulate ideas clearly, enjoys the beauty of nature.

Values: Performance, Assertiveness, Ambition.

Characteristic: Squeamish - Excessively fastidious and easily disgusted.


The idea for this NPC Generator is based on a personality test called the Big 5 or The Five Factor Model (FFM) which measures personality on five spectrums: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Ageeableness and Neuroticism. What is unique about this is that it flips the idea around and rolls some dice to create a character based on randomized values for those characteristics.

You can read more about the FFM at one of the links below:

You can take an online version of the FFM personality tests here, if you are curious:

Big Five Personality Test

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