June 16, 2001 - The Tale(Tail) of the Eagle party. Here are the pictures that I took of the event. To those that were here, thanks and I don't need to recount any of the fun. To those that weren't able to make it, we missed you and hope to see you again as we all go forward.

Special thanks to Rainer (for the food and the retrospective) and Geoff (for the shirts)

What a glorious time. Not just the party, but all my time with Eagle. Thanks again. -Darrin Mossor

June 16, 2001- Tale of the Eagle

Cars Everywhere

Plenty of room for parking, though.

Just don't park in the "clover" or you annoy the "neighbors".

Bob demonstrates one of his many talents. No one went home hungry.

A visit from an old friend.

Mike practices dental hygiene, Simon points the way to the food.

Lots of people, lots of standing, lots of talking.

Charlie and Bart speak of things great and small.

Nancy, Kathy and Bruce enjoy the day.

Scott looks over the goody table.

Robo observes Dave, Simon and Mike passing time jawing.

Bob had the comfiest chair and he seems to know it.

The crowd sits and enjoys Rainer's retrospective.

Milling about...

Nancy, Mike and Dave enjoy the sunshine.

Anamaya and Larry try to hit the dartboard.

Anamaya tries to determine if he's had too much or just enough beer to throw darts.

Mat and his lovely daughter play Asteroids.

Group shot, take 1. (Missing Robo and Charlie)

Group shot, take 2. (Missing Robo and Charlie)


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