A Wooden Maquette

My last animation (okay, only one of length) starred this little wooden doll. You know the articulated ones with ball joints that sits painfully upon a brass rod and wooden stand. When I did the animation, I had no rig and only basic bones. It worked fine, but anything more complicated would have been even more painful.

Fast forward a long time. I wanted to try applying the new A:M 2001 Rig to something. What better since my model wouldn't require any SmartSkin (which I haven't used yet). So, Mac became my first boning project. He turned out pretty good and now he's happily articulated and much easier to animate.

Below is an image of Mac in several poses (all included at no cost - worth what you paid for it! ;-)

All I ask is that if you use him in something, please send me a copy or a link so I can see if he ends up anywhere interesting.

Some facts:

Example Poses

You should soon be able to find a copy of it for general use at http://www.AnimationPitstop.com

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