The Beach House

Last updated: 05/13/2001

This was an attempt to get closer to "photorealistic". I'm getting better, but the eye and brain is a hard thing to fool. I have immense respect for those that get there.

Major Goals:

Early Iteration - Mostly just geometry and lighting

4/10/01 - More detailed geometry, more details, more decals and materials, a background (which is completely wrong in perspective)

4/16/01 - More grunginess, a bikini top to give the image a story, other small stuff

05/03/01 - More bump, moved some stuff, changed the direction of the sun some, ...

05/10/01 - I thought I was done. Then I got some very good feedback and I needed to go back and change some things.

05/13/01 - A new floor, grungified the shovel, deeper shadows...

Close up of a beach pail and shovel - I like how the shovel turned out (bump maps) and the decaling on the pail itself turn out pretty good.

Images created with Hash's Animation:Master

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