Still Life: Flowers in the Window

I recently saw an image done Brian Prince (Click here to see the image) that I just loved. The lighting and texturing are wonderful. I made it my wallpaper background for inspiration.

Finally I decided to take a crack at my own still life. The results are below. I accomplished most of what I was hoping for.

The three images below are:

  1. The final final image
  2. What I thought was the final image before I got some excellent feedback from fellow A:M users and friends
  3. Finally, a series of images showing how the image came together.

I think the feedback helped improve the image a great deal, making it a much warmer composition as well as more in line with what I hoped to achieve.

The final image (though feedback is still apreciated) (79k):

Window Flowers

The image prior to feedback (78k):

Window Flowers Next to Final

A series of Work in Progress pics (136k):


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