Mirror Mirror

Date: 12/23/01

After seeing way too many commercials for Disney's "Snow White" and seeing the magic mirror (you know, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest, etc etc etc), I decided that I needed one of those for myself, so decided to see if I could create one.

No great secrets here, the mirror is really a few patches over a hole in the wall with the face behind it. The room that the face lives in is set up to catch no light, keeping it deep black. At time 1 second, the transparency is 0 and the reflection is 100. Over 3 seconds (I think), I varied the transparency up to 100 and the reflection down to 0.

One caveat, you'll notice that it's not until the mirror is completely transparent, showing the face, that the volumetric fog kicks in. This is because of the way the volumetrics are implemented. They will not render behind patches, regardless of the transparency of the patch. So, I did something sort of tricky and once the mirror was completely transparent, I made the model for the mirror patches inactive so you could then see the volumetric as I moved it up from behind. It's not a complete success, but it's not too bad.

In any case, if there's any interest in the model or project, let me know and I'll put it up at www.animationpitstop.com for download.

Below are some frames from the animation (7 seconds, 850k, Quicktime4 Sorenson). You can see the full animation here.

As always, all feedback, positive and negative is appreciated and welcome here. Thanks, Darrin Mossor

Images created with Hash's Animation:Master

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