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Make: DLM Sign!

In The Beginning… I recently decided I wanted to make my own LED sign. But, that only make sense with some background. During my senior year of college, I was placed on a senior project team. We worked with a mentor to complete a project in our final semester. Pretty […]

Make: Welcome Sign!

Christina came to me and showed me a Welcome sign she liked and asked if I could make her one. I looked at it and thought: “Yup! I can do that!” So, I did! This was one of those awesome moments as a Maker where you look at a project […]

Make: Miscellaneous!

This post isn’t about a particular project, rather it’s a summary post about a few smaller projects that I’ve been working on that didn’t seem worth individual posts per project. The first project was a second batch of my little robots from a prior project. I had given a few […]

Random Colors of the Day

Find some inspiration to brighten your colorspace! The three options below are based on trying to assign names to colors as they are represented on a computer screen, typically via a hex value like this: "#546789". Each pair represents the strength of the Red, Green and Blue value. Back in the day, the X11 Consortium declared that colors would be stored in a file called "rgb.txt" and many had names associated with them. Additionally, I found a list of colors and names based on Resene colors. The third one is what happens if you pick a random value and call it a random name. Very useful and highly scientific.

Slate blue


From the classic X11 file rgb.txt



From the classic X11 file rgb.txt



From the classic X11 file rgb.txt


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