A few weeks ago, a mother reached out on behalf of her son who was working on a group project for school and wanted to create a prop bottle of nitroglycerin as part of the project.  She asked if I would be willing to share the label that I made in this post.  My post and that project was based on an episode of Mythbusters I saw and my label was a pastiche of some similar things I saw on the internet.  So, other than the bit of time it took me to create the label, I have no real ownership of this project or this idea, so of course I provided her a copy of the image for the label.


She followed up with me and thanked me and said, “his group’s video project was a hit and the group received an A on the project”.  She also said I was given a credit at the end of the video which was unnecessary but appreciated.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little reminder like this that sometimes, something you made and sent out in to the ether, unsure if anyone really sees it or cares, IS seen and help someone else, even just a little!

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