Back about three years ago, I printed and painted a version of a little robot called Eddie. You can read about it here.

Sadly, in the move from our previous house to this one, poor Eddie got jostled about quite a bit and broke both his legs. Unfortunately, the resin I used for that print was pretty brittle and didn’t take well to the stress. And, the legs were probably the most likely to be affected and affected they were. I was pretty cranky and didn’t believe that Eddie was salvageable. So, Eddie v1 went to go live on a farm where he could run and play with other robots.

Fast forward a bit and we’ve settled into our new digs and I thought I was ready to take another crack at printing and painting Eddie because he’s such a cool design. So, that’s exactly what I did! This time I used a better resin and I think he’s much more likely to hold up to some minor jostling. I don’t suspect he or any of his brethren would survive a fall to any kind of hard ground, so some care will still need to be taken.

One thing I found interesting was that despite forgetting that I had pics and a blog post about Eddie, by the I recalled I had completed painting and the color choices I made were remarkably similar in both cases. I’ve no idea what that says, but it was odd.

I wanted to create another stand or environment for him, but this time I imagined our little buddy still post-apocalyptic, but more interested in rooting around and finding bits of the previous civilization that appealed to him to create his own treasure collection. So, I modeled up a diorama based on a corner of a ransacked building where he might have stored his collection.

In that process, I also had to decide how big Eddie was relative to a human, so I think I decided the model was a 1:3 scale, so he’d be something like 28″ tall in the real world. That allowed me to scale things to him. Probably the main thing that sets the scale is the model of a milk crate which he uses to store the albums that he’s recovered. I printed several scale albums from black PLA which you can see sticking out of sleeves in the collection. Additionally I printed and painted a number of odds and ends which make up his collection. All this was mounted in the diorama and secured. I’m satisfied with the result!

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