This project also was kind of a spur of the moment thing. I was watching the new Fallout television show on Amazon Prime (which was very good!) and one of the main three characters eventually came into possession of one of the game’s iconic 10mm pistols. While the pistol is iconic, it’s design is not very consistent. In fact, depending on the version of the game (at least Fallout 3, Fallout 3: New Vegas and Fallout 4), the design is sort of fluid and not fixed. But, I did get a good shot of the one from the show and really liked the look:

I started looking around and found a pretty close version on cults3d here:

There were a couple of features on the image from the show that I thought I could add to my version without a great deal of revision. If you look near the middle of the side of the barrel, you’ll see a couple of screws which don’t appear on the model. I verified in a later shot of the pistol that they are on both sides of the gun. Additionally, the exposed bottom of the clip had another screw on either side. I don’t imagine they are necessarily practical, but they’re just another level of detail.

I modeled up a few screw heads of various sizes and printed them and added them to my printed version. Yes, my screws are a bit larger than on the prop gun for the show. I still thought they looked fine.

My version also doesn’t look as metallic as the one in the show. Less reflective. I used a technique that involves rubbing graphite on the gun and it helped, but the reflections are still not as bright and specular. Ah, well, I still decided that I like the result. My gun just aged in the apocalypse a bit differently than the TV version.

Making props is still a very new thing for me. It’s not usually a space that has been interesting, but I enjoyed making my own version of this iconic game and TV weapon!

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