This post isn’t about a particular project, rather it’s a summary post about a few smaller projects that I’ve been working on that didn’t seem worth individual posts per project.

The first project was a second batch of my little robots from a prior project. I had given a few away and there were a couple requests for a robot, so I wanted to have a few more for future gifts as well as gift out a few. So, I printed out the parts for another eight, did the work to prep them, paint them and weather them. It was certainly faster than the first batch, as I’d made many of the obvious mistakes the first time and I knew what would, more or less, work this time. I did work on my weathering and got a slightly different look this time, but I was still happy with the results.

The next project was a repaint of another nerf gun. This one started out more as a rifle, with a shoulder support mounted off the butt. Great for a kid, didn’t look good for what I wanted, so I removed it and added a small plastic cap on the butt to make it look intentional.

A fair question would again be: “Why?” To which I’ll answer again: “Why not?” It was fun, it was creative. Maybe they are props in a Halloween costume, maybe they just end up in a box, but they were a fun project to do.

A friend asked for a print of a prop from the game we were playing (Valheim). Someone posted their version on Reddit, but the only model I could find was without the runes in the portal. So, I took a bit of time and found a decent image of the runes and did my own version which had engraved runes. I printed it and it was fine, albeit a bit top-heavy, so rather than just paint and ship it, I decided it needed a bit more of a diorama. But, in case he preferred just the portal, I wanted it to be two separate pieces held together with magnets. So, I printed a little chest (we often have chests near portals for storing things) and cut a little oval from MDF on the laser printer and had holes in the portal and the base for the magnets which were secured with CA (cyanoacrylate or super) glue. Then some filler, some sanding, some painting, some flocking, some sealing and here was my version of a Valheim portal! And, because he bought me lunch for making this, I consider this a paid commission! Note: I also released my version of the portal on Thingiverse. Since it remixes the IP of Iron Gate, the Valheim developers, I can’t in good conscience charge for it, plus this was just fan appreciation, so if anyone else wants one, they can make their own!

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