11: Summary - All Done!

It's time to render out our animation. In my case, I like to render out each frame individually. Probably not a big issue on a small 10 second animation, but in a long render run, there's nothing worse than checking in the morning and finding out that you have nothing to show because of a power glitch or a reboot. So, if we render out to individual frames, we can then modify them in a batch mode script, like resizing in Photoshop, or whatever we need. So, render out to frames like so:

In my case, I rendered out at 320x200, shadows on, no oversampling. Note that I started calling the first frame WalkPath_000. That's so the frames will have three digit numbers, making sorting easier. Without this, the first would be WalkPath_0, WalkPath_1, WalkPath_10, 11, 12, etc, making problems. So, add enough digits for your expected frame count so the sorting will work as expected.

Now, in my case, I have Quicktime and can bring in the images as a series then export the movie. QuickTime is $30 and worth it for the compression tools.

Alternatively, check out a nice tutorial by Mike Muncy here for a low cost way to create the animation and get it web-ready.

Check out the final animation below. Make your own and let me know how it turned out!

Thanks for your time and if you have any feedback, corrections, philosophical differences or just want to say hey, let me know here.

Final Details
Frames Rendered 300
Project Size 200k
Project File Here it is - 61k (Not bad for all you need to make a 10 second animation)
Typical Targa Size 100k
Final Animation Size 1.06Mb (30Mb of Images becomes 1.06M - Love that compression!)
Final Animation Here you go!
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