2: Keyboard Shortcuts

Before getting all hot and heavy, a side note about Keyboard Shortcuts. I'm a huge fan of shortcuts. If I had to move the pointer to each of the buttons for all the things in the GUI I interact with, I'd be going much slower. So remember: Keyboard Shortcuts are your friends. Assuming you haven't redefined your own, the following default keyboard shortcuts are some of my most used:

Keyboard Shortcuts - Not a full list. See Tools->Customize...->Keyboard for the rest.
4 View model Left
5 View model Top
6 View model Right
2 View model Front
7 View model bird's eye
8 View model Back
0 View model Bottom
r Rotate
t Turn model
s Scale model
n Translate model
l Lathe spline
o Round spline through CP
p Peak spline through CP
g Group
shift-g Lasso Group mode
z Zoom
shift-z Zoom to fit the current model in the current window
F2 Rename bone, group, model, choreography, etc
/ Group Connected - Select everything attached to the current selection
. Complement Selection - Take the opposite of the current selection
, Group Spline - Get the rest of the current spline
ctrl-c Copy
ctrl-v Paste
ctrl-x Cut

Keyboard Shortcut Fact #1 You can redefine any of the above to other keys (Tools->Customize...->Keyboard).
Keyboard Shortcut Fact #2 Lots of other useful functions (Lock Mode) have no default keyboard assignment but can be assigned unused keys like some of the function keys.
Keyboard Shortcut Fact #3 Government statistics from 1999 indicate that a record 5.37 million hours were saved by the use of keyboard shortcuts.

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