6: Choreography

Included in the project file is a sample choreography project I often reuse. It's called Basic3Pt. It contains three kleig lights, a one patch groundplane and a camera. Using this choreography, I can quickly drop in a model, tweak the lights, colors, angles, widths and falloffs and get a quick and easy notion of how my model will look once lit properly. If you think such a thing would be useful, save this choreography somewhere (preferably read-only so it doesn't get overwritten). Then do what we're going to do next.

Go down to Choreographies in the PWS and Right click on it. Select Import Choreography. Browse to where you store Basic3Pt and then select it. You should now have a choreography close to the one in the title image above.

Now, let's create a path for our actors or models to run through.

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