Well, after 13 months of lockdown, quarantine, social distancing and no end of upheaval as we try to get through a global pandemic, I finally got the call to get my first vaccination (Team Pfizer here. Represent!).

It was run out of a local hospital and done very, very well. Very efficient, in and out in a half-hour and that’s with a 15-minute wait to make sure I didn’t have any adverse effects.

I was able to schedule my followup online and I’ll be back after three weeks to get the second shot.

No real effect after the first shot, arm pain analogous to getting a flu shot. Took a nap the next day, but I suspect that was just because a nap sounded good. I’m going to leave the day after the second shot open, just in case the reaction is more the second shot, as has been the case for others I know.

This should mean by mid-May, my immune system should be hopped up and ready to roll if and when it runs in to this little troublemaker.

Thank you Science! And all the scientists who did an amazing thing and managed to turn around an effective vaccine in months when it would normally take 3-5 years! That is incredible and I hope that we can all appreciate the gift we’ve been given and do the responsible thing and get the vaccination when you can.

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