This is an even older one, but still one of my favorites.

Clear back in 1998, I wanted to build something and the something I came up with was a plan for an Adirondack chair.

At the time, I didn’t have many woodworking tools, so it had to have pretty low hardware requirements. Also, I didn’t want to put lots of money in to it, so something that I could build with reasonably priced wood was a big plus.

Enter Jake’s Chair. Interestingly, if you Google the term, you will find my site in the top 10. But it’s linked more elsewhere.

Basically, it’s a straight forward plan that can be done by a novice.  But, that’s what I needed (and still need).

Back when I did this in 1998 (page here), I did it with cheap pine and I had to buy a router.  When I decided to do the project again here a couple of years ago, I upgraded to clear cedar, which I stained.

One of the best things about this project, aside from the sense of accomplishment, is if something happens, like one of the slats in the seat or stool breaks because of a knot in the cheap pine or a dog chews the armrest on one of the chairs, I can fix it and not have to replace the chair.  And, yes, I’ve had to do both.

The original chair has since been painted, but is still holding up well.  The most recent pair are doing well.

Due to the cost of wood, or at least in these areas if you have to go to your local suburban home improvement store or lumber store, the lumber can be expensive.

If I recall, the last pair and a stool cost me something like $250 in wood, hardware and stain.  And my time, of course.  So, it’s likely cheaper to just buy one when you see one you like.  But, there really is something to be said for the knowledge that you *made* what you’re sitting in on a warm summer evening.  And, that if something happens, you can fix it.

I’d love to make six or eight of them to give as gifts, but not enough to pay the money for material and/or the multiple weekends I have to spend on the project.  Then delivery to the various friends and family.  So, for now, I have the only three that I’ve built.

Here’s pics of the latest pair after completion.  This is before staining and sealing.

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