This one is certainly not my own. I ran across a post on Instructables about making your own bookmarks from scrap wood.

Lacking the appropriate scrap wood, I picked up some 2×2 lengths of hard wood, oak and alder perhaps? Probably $7 in wood. Then I cut my own blanks, cutting the stock to 6 inches and setting the fence to shave off 1/8″.

This is where I learned that a feather board would have been useful since I had some variability in the width of my results. Also, if I didn’t keep a steady push of the wood through the blade, I did end up with some spots that burned rather than cut.

But, it was good enough to start.

The first batch I made was me trying designs, some original, some not as original (if the Keith Haring estate sees one of these below, please let them know I love Keith’s work!).

The next batch was me trying some shapes with the bandsaw and no pen work.

In the end, a fun project and it was fun to let the family pick their favorites.

Note on the shapes: My daughter wanted one of the “spoons”. It’s supposed to be a stylized exclamation point. Somewhere between the physical necessity of connecting the dot at the bottom and the top I appear to have lost the distinction. Or my typography bites. Either is possible.

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