Sorry for the delay, but clearly 2020 still has some things to work out of its system. Here in the US, 2020 is still trying to use up more time than it’s allotted, but that will get better here, soon.

Things are looking up for the first time in, oh, about four years, so that’s a win as well.

Yes, we have a pandemic to deal with, but I suspect we’ll get better at executing on that as 2021 progresses as well.

I think if we could all apply a bit more common sense or critical sense and trust in science a bit more, things might go a bit better.

Case in point:

In news too bizarre to make up, it went around on Italian News that the above represents the “COVID-19 5G Chip Diagram” which is supposedly contained in the vaccine. Setting aside little things like how one would power such a thing, or microminiaturize it to the cellular level, the above circuit is … for a guitar pedal. Which, to be fair, might be awesome to have in my body, but is not a “COVID-19 5G Chip Diagram”. Or, you know, possible. (Ref:

Disinformation, misinformation and mistrust of our experts all seem to be rampant right now. This is not critical thinking and this doesn’t benefit us in any way. Ignorance is not bliss. The world is a complicated place, but failing to rely on people who know more about pieces of it than we do and trusting our “gut” is not going to leave us in a good place.

I wish everyone a fantastic year and I hope we’re able to come together and listen to each other more in the coming year.

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