Happy Birthday To My Son

Twenty-five years ago today, my son was born. I’m going to take this opportunity with him a happy birthday on a quarter century of life lived and wish him a fabulous year ahead as he has a great start on the next twenty-five years.

Media Consumption

I’ve already predicted the end of newspapers as we know them. I think media is fracturing in to a myriad of niche sources which often cater to the lowest identifiable common denominator in an attempt to grow an audience. What does this mean to me, to others of my generation and to people in general? I’ve been thinking about this lately.

How Do You Make a Career?

According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average number of jobs held by an adult of my age (more or less) between 18 and 46 is 11. A bit less for women, a bit more for men. As a result, I decided to write down my own job history since 18 to get a feel for how I compared to the average.