At the End of Things

This is it: The last post of my Year of Writing. According to my current statistics, I’ve written over 85,000 words for this project. I bundled in some stuff I’ve written in the past on this blog that I felt was still relevant to this project and with that content Read more…

Freedom of Speech and Fallacious Arguments

Again, this is an attempt to paint an issue as a freedom of speech or, worse, freedom of religion issue when it very, very clearly is not. What’s being asked for is a freedom from consequences and that’s not captured anywhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

I’ve always envied people with a singular focus and the drive that comes with that. I have, on the other hand, suffered from a multitude of interests, or at least curiosities, and insufficient time to pursue them all. So, the title overstates my ability because I’m by no means a Jack of All Trades, but I know a little bit about a pretty decent range of things and it’s certainly true I’m a Master of None!

Digital Copies and the Threat to Old Media

Let’s start out with “Once upon a time”, let’s say back in the 1970s, so a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. In those long ago days, let’s talk about what constituted popular cultural media. In those days the media that I cared about took roughly three forms: Movies and Television, Music and Books. Let’s talk about how those things have changed in just a few short decades and think about what that means in the coming decades.

What’s Black and White and Dead All Over?

We meet here near the end of 2013 to mourn the passing of yet another technology. This one has been around for centuries and perhaps it will find a way to become something else and not die out altogether, but only time will tell. This year I ended my subscription for the newspaper. No more Sunday ads, no more missed deliveries and having to call to get a paper dropped by later. No more questions whether we tip the delivery person. Newspapers and I have parted ways.