A Great Place to Be From

Spring has sprung in the Northwest! This last weekend was our first weekend where the temperature exceeded 70 degrees both Saturday and Sunday. Grills all over the place were dusted off, cleaned and fired up. Lawn mowers were uncovered, gassed up and the smell of freshly cut grass, gasoline and barbecues filled the air all over our neighborhood. It’s a glorious time of the year and there’s no place I’d rather be.

Marriage Equality

I’m not a terrifically vocal person with respect to my politics. I am typically “live and let live” so long as someone isn’t trying to infringe upon my rights or push their agenda, religious or otherwise, on me. But, I also have the advantage of being a straight white male living in the generally liberal northwest. As a result and because I’m not knowingly trying to break any laws, my rights and my lifestyle are not under attack. Further, I recognize that no one really cares what I personally think on this subject and I certainly don’t expect to change anyone else’s mind on this or, really, any other subject. Having said that, this subject baffles me unlike almost any other.

Mastering the Game

The Party was on the run. They were being hunted by Bounty Hunters – something that will happen when you cross the line between lawful and … less lawful. They were on the run from a group that planned to hunt them down and sell them to someone willing to pay. Someone who wanted them dead or alive, but preferably alive – if only so they could be the one to execute the Dead part. Such is a day in the life in Dragon’s Age!

Social Media

Social media is a fairly new concept. If you ask most folks under 25 what Social Media means you’ll hear about all the latest contenders like Facebook and Twitter. If you ask them what came before, you may hear about MySpace, but probably not much before that.

Lessons Learned

I had an interesting experience this week with respect to my writing. So, this week, instead of sharing the results of that writing, I will not be sharing it and instead will be writing about how it all went wrong.

Game Playing

Back in 1977 I was reading our local newspaper – this was pre-Internet, so there was probably nothing on television – and I ran across an article talking about new game that was just released.

As I recall, the article talked about role playing and becoming a character and fighting monsters and saving the day. It was the first article I saw about a new game called Dungeons and Dragons.