Maui 2013

This year Christina and I went to Hawaii, Maui specifically. No need to be more specific than that since 80% of the island is less far away than my daily commute to work, so effectively just down the road.

We stayed north of Lahaina, one of the larger towns on Maui, which sits on the western coast of Maui. If the goal is less clouds, it seems it’s best to stay on the western coast or the southern coast as the mountains seems to play cloud catcher and provide some protection from the weather on the lee side of the mountains.

The weather was wonderful, high 70s to low 80s every day. Usually some high clouds in the sky, often just passing through. We did have a couple of days that were cloud free blue skies from dawn to dusk and those days were spectacular!

My First Computer

There is no question my life would have been very different if I hadn’t discovered personal computers.

My first interaction was in 1978 when a kid in my Social Studies class (the amazing Mr. Fries – pronounced Freeze) brought in his Dad’s computer. It rolled in on a large AV cart. It had a black and white ASCII monitor and 8″ floppies.

Storm Affront

It wasn’t clear how it happened. Looking back at the records, we know that there was a large electrical storm that took place over our town and, at the same time, somewhere in southern California. After things returned to normal, scientists proposed a variety of explanations. Those explanations went far over my head but I recall a few phrases like “quantum entanglement”, “harmonic vibrations” and “sympathetic resonating frequencies”. But, at the end of the day, all I can tell you is this: My dog became possessed by a Kardashian!

Getting Started

Well, I’m already late on getting started with this, but at least now it’s started…

Sometimes, as the years comes to an end, I get sucked in to the notion of reflection and resolutions.

Usually I’m pretty rational. I know that most resolutions fail. I know that most of us will continue to make the same mistakes we made in past years.

Reflection can be a nice way to step back and away from our year and see if there’s anything we can take from it and hopefully learn from it so we don’t keep making the same mistakes year after year.